Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Husband...

... is the greatest. He's taken great care of us for those all-important two weeks postpartum. He helped Jonah breastfeed the first few times when my arms were too weak from the birth to support him. He prepared or provided every meal (and I'm down 20+ lbs from my heaviest while having been totally satisfied). He fed the dogs the whole time too (which is a bigger chore than in most households). He kept up with laundry and didn't completely destroy the kitchen. He slept on the couch to give us space. When Jonah had a couple of rough nights, and my nipples desperately needed a break, he put up with the crying long enough to get me a few hours of sleep. He was even ready to help however I needed when I started gushing blood one morning.

So if you have a baby, expect nothing less from your significant other. It's going to be interesting learning to get along without him (although he's still planning my meals).

Thank you, Mitch!

(Also thanks to Jim and Mary for helping take care of our dogs while we were at the hospital, my wife Megan and her husband for coming over with chickpea curry and doing a little cleaning, and Mitch's mom for giving Toby some much needed walks!)

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