Monday, December 19, 2011

Observations at Week 33

I run out of breath while singing in the shower.

My wedding ring doesn't fit.

Some of my pants don't fit.

I'm almost 15% into my baby blanket.
Jonah's Blanket
I'm this big now.

Week 33

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Nursery

I finally got to work on the nursery! It still needs curtains and a few other things, but here we are so far:

And the belly is still growing.

31 Weeks
32 Weeks
By the way, I'm used to men saying stupid things to pregnant women, but what woman says to another, "You must be due soon!"

No. 2 more months. Thanks.

By the way, I did take those bikini pictures, but they will probably not ever see the light of day. Maybe week 39 ;)

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Baby Shower

Saturday was Jonah's baby shower. My awesome wife did a fantastic job putting it together with the help of my MIL.
I do.
I really love and appreciate everyone who came. It was a bunch of derby girls and my MIL! What a combo! Jonah is going to have such awesome people in his life!

A Giraffe Play Mat
For his safari theme
A hooded monkey blanket!
Zebra in Training (Roller Derby Reference)
There was a ton of delicious vegan food. We are still eating the cupcakes. I am surprised I didn't explode after everything I ate. We also decorated onesies and burp clothes. Everyone seemed to really love that.

The wife, hard at work.
No one decorates a onesie like a derby girl!

For Mitch, a Tardis onesie
So thank you again to everyone who helped make it a special day for us! This weekend, Mitch might put together the crib so I can start nesting :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Circumcision Blog...

I've been pretty neutral on circumcision. I have to admit, circumcised seems... nicer... for the ladies. However, we decided before we were ever pregnant that the one of us with the penis could make the penis decision. So, there will be no penis chopping for Jonah. If you're interested, this blog has a lot of good information: The Circumcision Decision. If we had considered it, watching the video mentioned in the blog almost certainly would have set me straight.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursdays are for Me

Today is Thursday. That means I have two special pregnancy activities.

First, I have a bi-weekly prenatal massage from Christine Gordon. I'm not quite as desperate today as I am when I've been working a lot, but it still helps everything stay comfortable. At first, I didn't see the value, but when I actually started to get uncomfortable, I decided it was worth it.

Then tonight, I have prenatal yoga at Thank You Mama with Amy Faulkner. The first time I went, I realized it's a real workout. I've done prenatal yoga DVDs, but this class is a challenge. A good challenge. And the price is really reasonable. She has packages for 6 classes for $60 and you can choose from Thursday evening or Sunday morning.

Anyway, Thursday is a good day.