Thursday, July 21, 2011


It's been hard to really absorb the fact that I'm pregnant.  I don't feel movie or TV pregnant.  I'm not puking all the time (or at all), I don't have super-human smell, and I don't crave anything too abnormal.  I'm still pretty tired.  I still don't want vanilla almond milk or cheese pizza.  I just feel different, but not necessarily pregnant.

Monday, though, I finally got some proof.  I had my first appointment with the midwife.  There was a lot of talking, going over information, answering questions.  Unfortunately, we couldn't convince her that we were unsure enough of the dating to require an early ultrasound.  I'll only get one at 18-20 weeks.  She did break out the doppler, though.

And there it was.  A speedy little heartbeat.  Mitch's face turned red as he tried to hold in his own emotions.  I held in my tears, but it was awesome.  There really is something in there.

That evening we interviewed a doula as well.  She seemed really nice and knowledgeable, and somehow she can out talk Mitch.  I was so tired I was having trouble focusing, but I didn't see any reason why she won't work.  And the other two I was interested in both bowed out before a single interview due to their own life situations.  Seems like we've found our doula.

We got to do a little shopping this week as well.  We'd wandered around the mall maternity store, but everything is so expensive!  I found a great little resale shop called Stellie Bellies, and they even have a coupon on their website for $5 off $20 or more.  The prices and quality are wonderful for a consignment shop.  I tried on some tops and picked out two that I'll be able to wear to substitute teach.  I have to cover my tattoos, so I am a little limited.  We bought a couple books too, but they're more third trimester reading.

Now, I feel like I'm back to a waiting game.  Waiting to be able to move.  Waiting for school to start.  Waiting for my next appointment.  I'm really looking forward to August.

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