Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting Things Settled

This has been the week of finalizing things. It's kind of crazy to think I could have the baby in a week, or it could take another six (please not another six!). We've taken our childbirth class through Blue Moon Birth. I had another midwife appointment where we got a bunch of paperwork to fill out.

We also toured the pediatrician's office. We decided to go with Ellis Pediatrics. They're less than a mile from our house, and they're comfortable working with someone delivering at a birth center instead of a hospital. We called two offices before them, and they immediately turned us away because we're not having a hospital birth. Oh well. The doctors and office staff seem nice.

I went yard saling the past two weekends and picked up some great deals. A cart cover for $3, My Brest Friend for $2, Bumbo chair for $5, breathable bumper for $.75, and lots of cute clothes. Still hoping to find a good bath, maybe a Boppy, diaper bag, etc.

Some Yard Sale Finds
Cute Towels
We have another meeting with our doula next week and another midwife appointment. I'm starting to pack my bag.

The Bag
I bought a couple sports bras, but I still need to get a couple more things.

Are there things I'm not going to think of that you want to share??

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