Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Love Yard Sales!

I think that as we wait for Jonah to arrive, yard sale Saturday has become the highlight of my week.

Cute Little Bath Robe
A Boppy Too!
Snack Holders
Tiny Baby Shoes!
Adorable Rocking Giraffe for the Nursery!
I almost didn't get the giraffe. I actually went back for it, but it was only $5!

I found some great deals on Craigslist and at my FAVORITE baby store StellieBellies.

Jonah Can Bathe in the Whale :P - Craigslist $8
A $35 Lamp for Under $5 (After my $10 Off Punch Card)
I'm a little worried now. I don't know what else I need anymore except more clothes!

We got some cute onesies from Courtney. Well, mostly they're for Mitch to enjoy.

And I made these for a derby friend's new baby girl.

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