Friday, April 13, 2012

Beco Gemini vs. Boba 3G

I am determined to be a baby wearer. I started with a Moby and loved it. However, the Moby is limited because it's stretchy, providing less support as Jonah gets heavier. As I pondered my next carrier (soft-structured [SSC], mei tai, or woven wrap) I happened upon an awesome deal: a new Boba 3G for $60 (retails for $120 normally). I snatched it up!

Then Wednesday I was in my favorite baby consignment store, Stellie Bellies, and saw a Beco Gemini for only $45! I left it there knowing it was a good deal, but I wanted to check the resale value on The Baby Wearer. I hurried back the next day to grab it too. Now, I have a dilemma. Which one do I want to keep? They have very different features, lots of pros and cons to weigh. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Sleep Hood
Adjustable Neck Support
Wide Base
Foot Rests for Toddler Stage
Carries Up To 45 lbs
Purse Snaps

Wide Base is awkward at this stage for Jonah
Limited to Front and Back Carries

Adjustable Width Base
Head Rest that Folds Down
Front, Back, Hip, AND Forward Facing Carries
Safety Locks

Carries Up To 35 lbs
Some Wear from Previous Owner
Narrower Base
Girly Print/Colors

Convert to Infant Mode With No Additional Parts

The two major factors for me are the length of time I can use the Boba vs. the multiple carrying options of the Beco. I know forward facing is controversial, but what isn't? Many babies really enjoy it. The Boba will last us longer, but will I really still want to carry him at 45 lbs? Of course, the Boba is a little nicer too since I got it new.

By the way, Beco is holding a contest to Design and Win a Beco Baby Carrier!

 The one that goes will not leave my hands in vain. It will be put toward a woven wrap!

Don't forget. Click this photo, and "like" it on Facebook to help Jonah win a $50 Gift Certificate!


  1. His leg position looks much better in the boba. I personally would keep both and maybe get rid of the beco once he outgrew it. But if you can only keep one I would keep the boba because he is in the correct M seat position

  2. That's true, but the Beco is in the narrower setting in those pictures. In the long run, though, his long legs will probably outgrow the Beco before they would the Boba.

  3. aweee. wear your baby proud! i constantly hear good things about Moby's. but thats wasn't until after i got a sling myself. my baby isn't here yet... any day now. but i can't wait to test mine out. good luck with choosing!!