Monday, April 30, 2012

We Walk

Almost every morning, baby and I take a walk. We used to walk with him in the stroller, but for the past two or three weeks I've carried him in the Boba. Sometimes he fusses when I put him in, but it's amazing how quickly he's out once we step outside. I walk 3 or 4 miles in 60-90 minutes, and that's his morning nap.

I was inspired by Live. Learn. Love. Eat. to take some pictures on one of our recent adventures. I may not be terribly fond of living in Florida, but I am always amazed by the wildlife.
He's passed out.

I love these trees.

Turtle in the sun.

Hunting Crane

Turtle on a log

Mama and babies
One of our friendly neighborhood gators.

Here's one a little closer.

This one's just for fun. He just didn't look like he was "Born on the Streets."
Sadly, on our last walk, one of the ducklings was missing. That's the downside to living side by side with things like alligators :(


  1. You are such a great mom! You are very fortunate to be able to walk like that with your baby!

    Mine were always in a stroller as I had a spine injury and could not carry them like that. But, we had some great walks when they were little too. It will be exciting to see his reaction as a toddler when he does not sleep through the walk anymore. :)

    So sad about the duckling...but that is nature. Thank God a little bit still exists around the city.

    1. It's a blessing and a curse. He's pretty dependent on being worn to take naps, so I have to have enough energy to do it! lol I have a wrap coming in the mail, so we'll see how he takes to that. I know I'm excited :)