Friday, April 13, 2012

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Welcome to my blog!

I'm a 26 year old new mama to Baby Jonah.

I blog about various aspects of motherhood, but I often emphasize our vegan lifestyle and other crunchy parenting topics like babywearing, cloth diapering, and so forth.

I love discovering other like-minded bloggers, so let me know you're there with a comment or a like!


  1. Hello! I am a new follower from the UBP!

    We eat vegan (no animals) but have not converted our entire lifestyle as yet.

    As far as roller derby, never tried it, but before my back injury many years ago, I was at the roller rink all the time and I would even practice spins and tricks in our basement. I look forward to your posts. Have a really great day! :)

  2. Yay vegan bloggers! Let me know if you have any lifestyle questions. I think we're mostly all the way there, but my husband struggles with finding quality non leather shoes and belts for work :(

    If you have a local roller derby league, they can almost certainly use NSO's (non-skating officials)!

    Thanks for stopping by! I will definitely check out your blog. Happy UBP!

  3. Hi! Stopping by from #UBP12! And to let you know that we have the secret to great family vacations on a budget - hope you get a chance to stop by our blog, too!

  4. Thanks for visiting me for #UBP12. You might be the first blogger I've ever met who made the switch from Wordpress to Blogger. Everyone else is going in the other direction. Welcome to Blogger. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

    1. Wordpress is so limited if you don't buy your domain, and I'm just not interested in that yet. Thanks for checking me out though!